Ten Chances Announces Its Summer 2015 Residents

2015 Residency: 20 July – 02 August

We are extremely excited to present the Forth Annual 2-week intensive work-in-residence for artists, writers, and thinkers which gathers in Gifford and Edinburgh Scotland in a unique combined urban and rural social studio.

Week One: Gifford – East Lothian, Scotland
20–24 July
Braewell Residency, facilitated and hosted by co-director James Currie

Week Two: Edinburgh, Scotland
26 July – 02 August
Bargain Spot, Lothian Road [Tollcross]
Edinburgh Residency, facilitated and hosted by Patty Healy McMeans

This years project is uniquely exploratory. Directly connected to Patty’s PhD Artists’ Residencies research, this year offers multiple locations with a variety of local Scottish and international artists. Our five transdisciplinary residents includes the following multi-talented artists.

Artists in Residency

Directed and facilitated by Patricia Healy McMeans
Co-Director James Currie


About pattymcmeans

Patricia Healy McMeans is a current PhD candidate study contemporary art practice and social studios at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) This web log will attempt to document her personal research under the direction of Neil Mulholland.