Ten Chances Announces Its Summer 2015 Residents

2015 Residency: 20 July – 02 August

We are extremely excited to present the Forth Annual 2-week intensive work-in-residence for artists, writers, and thinkers which gathers in Gifford and Edinburgh Scotland in a unique combined urban and rural social studio.

Week One: Gifford – East Lothian, Scotland
20–24 July
Braewell Residency, facilitated and hosted by co-director James Currie

Week Two: Edinburgh, Scotland
26 July – 02 August
Bargain Spot, Lothian Road [Tollcross]
Edinburgh Residency, facilitated and hosted by Patty Healy McMeans

This years project is uniquely exploratory. Directly connected to Patty’s PhD Artists’ Residencies research, this year offers multiple locations with a variety of local Scottish and international artists. Our five transdisciplinary residents includes the following multi-talented artists.

Artists in Residency

Directed and facilitated by Patricia Healy McMeans
Co-Director James Currie